Library of Metzofitz Wiki

Daevic: The daevic creates a symbiotic bond to a powerful outsider, harnessing its power. This bond makes the daevic tougher, stronger, and more charismatic, making her a powerful front line fighter and capable leader.

Eclipse: The eclipse is a deadly opponent who can strike from almost anywhere on the battlefield using their occultations. Outside of combat, the eclipse masters numerous skills for overcoming almost any obstacle.

Fisherking: A fisherking is at the core of their being a ruler. Their force of personality is so great as to make people, magic, and even shards of existence kneel before them. Though not always kings in the traditional sense, there is always something majestic about those who call themselves fisherkings.

Guru: Drawing on the teachings of ancient philosophies, gurus combine martial prowess with learning and spiritual power, gurus are capable of striking hard while still leaving their opponents alive and make excellent mobile combatants, using their unique veilweaving to adapt to unusual challenges.

Helmsman: The helmsman utilizes a powerful vessel to command the battlefield, either from close quarters as an immense sentinel or from range as a destructive artillery battery. Either way, the helmsman is more than capable of adapting his vessel to suit a variety of dangerous situations.

Huay: The huay can fill many roles, using their abilities for things like scouting, combat, or diplomacy. Whether by changing into a mouse to slip into the enemy fortress unseen, becoming a fearsome dragon to wreak havoc on a marauding horde, or simply using their veils to bolster their allies, a huay is always a welcome addition to an adventuring party.

Kheshig: The kheshig’s role in any party is to be the bulwark which the enemy breaks themself upon. Dragons, demons, unscrupulous nobles, and dastardly thieves will struggle in futility against the kheshig, and in turn, his allies.

Nexus: A nexus is a font of energy, capable of devastating destruction backed by akashic powers of creation. All nexuses are capable of dealing damage to their opponents from range, while their other capabilities are determined by their convergence and chosen veils.

Promethean: Prometheans use their research of occult, alien, and forbidden knowledge to modify their bodies and minds, inflict their foes with debilitating conditions, and to attempt to alter the world to their whims. Depending on their choice of veils and obsession, a promethean can range from a melee-oriented combatant to a debuff-focused caster.

Radiant: Radiants are healers, first and foremost, specializing in restoring their allies’ health by fortifying and empowering their bodies with essence.

Rajah: The rajah blends their akashic might with martial prowess to control the tide of battle. No single mortal can win a war, and the rajah knows this better than anyone. With their unique akashic gifts, they bring out the potential of their allies, turning even the most inexperienced soldier into a dervish of steel and death.

Spellweaver: The spellweaver’s role is primarily determined by the spells they choose to learn and the veils they choose to shape. They can adequately perform many combat roles, from a more martial-focused caster, to a ranged support, to battlefield controller.

Stormbound: Stormbound are akashic veilweavers that tap into a wild and uncontainable pool of energy infusing their body to form magical constructs known as veils that they can use to shelter their allies, destroy their foes, and warp the very world around themselves, allowing them to control and dominate the battlefield through debilitating akashic effects, or to shape their storm into a weapon with which they can slay their foes.

Soulforge: Using the might of their weapon and armor veils alongside the abilities granted by their soul allows the soulforge to fulfill a variety of roles, though they always excel at combat; besting their enemies through their martial prowess empowered by their veils and the abilities granted by their forged souls.

Vizier: True masters of veilweaving, viziers can manipulate the battlefield, or strike opponents near or far with weapons woven from pure akasha. Whether debilitating their foes or bolstering allies, the vizier is a welcome addition to any group.

Volur: The volur utilizes their akashic spirit and the power of their brands to inflict blight upon their foes and control the tides of battle within their range.

Zodiac: An akashic summoner wielding the memories of the stars themselves. Zodiacs fall into two groups: headstrong Solars who wade into conflict alongside their champions and mysterious Lunars who support their champions with powerful veils.


The following archetypes are for non-veilweaver classes to give them some akashic abilities.

Adaptive Gunner (Marksman)

Akashic Vitalist (Vitalist)

Crimson Scholar (Vampire Hunter)

Essence Infused (Phantom)

Masked Veilweaver (Vigilante)

Raveler (Cryptic)

Scion of the Veil (Spiritualist)

Swarm Master (Dread)

Veiled Lord (Warlord)

NPC Class

Weaver: The weaver is an apprentice of akasha.