Library of Metzofitz Wiki

The angel of mercy strides across the battlefield, dispensing both the healing light of the gods and their swift and terrible vengeance.

Maneuvers: An angel of mercy loses access to the Broken Blade discipline and adds Silver Crane to her list of available disciplines. She otherwise learns, readies, and initiates maneuvers as a standard medic. This ability alters maneuvers.

Angelic Fortitude (Ex): Starting at 1st level, the angel of mercy is blessed with some of the inherent fortitude of the Angels from which she draws her power. She gains resistance to acid 5 and cold 5. At 8th level she also gains resistance to fire 5 and electricity 5. This ability replaces one of her medic’s expertises gained at 1st level.

Aura of Protection (Su): Starting at 6th level, allies within 20 feet of an angel of mercy gain the benefits of a protection from evil spell (the caster level for this effect is equal to the medic’s initiator level) for as long as they remain within 20 feet of the angel of mercy. This ability replaces the medic’s expertise gained at 6th level.

Bolstering Strikes (Su): At 10th level, whenever the angel of mercy initiates a strike that heals damage, all allies within 30 feet gain temporary hit points equal to the medic’s initiator level. These temporary hit points do not stack and last for 1 minute or until lost. This ability replaces the improved triage gained at 10th level.

Wings of Mercy (Su): At 12th level, the angel of mercy can grow wings to carry her towards those in need of her aid. Growing or retracting these wings is a free action, and the angel of mercy gains a fly speed equal to her movement speed, with good maneuverability. She can only use these wings to fly for 1 minute per class level, but does not have to use them consecutively. However, she must use them in 1 minute increments. This ability replaces the medic’s expertise gained at 12th level.