Library of Metzofitz Wiki

Descriptors: mind-affecting

Class: Eclipse, Promethean, Spellweaver, Vizier, Volur

Slot: Belt

Saving Throw: Will negates

This argent veil guards the body by devouring the mind of its wearer’s foes.

This protective veil is capable of converting akashic energy into disruptive psionic bursts that trace magical effects back to their source. Whenever the wearer of this veil is directly targeted by a magical spell or effect, they may spend an attack of opportunity to activate its power. The caster of the spell must succeed on a Will save or suffer a penalty to their Intelligence score equal to 1d4. This veil has no effect on spells that affect the veilweaver without specifically targeting them (such as a fireball or burning hands spell), and the target’s Intelligence score cannot drop below 1.

Essence: For each point of essence invested in this ability the penalty to Intelligence inflicted increases by 1.

Chakra Bind (Belt): [E18, P16, Vi16, Vo17] Binding this veil to your Belt chakra allows you to damage the attacker’s mind, and throw it into total disarray. Whenever a target fails their Will save and takes an Intelligence penalty due to this veil’s ability, they also become confused for a number of rounds equal to your primary veilweaving modifier plus the amount of essence invested in this veil. A confused target must roll on the following table at the start of each turn to determine their actions:

d% Behavior
01-25 Act normally
26-50 Drop all held items
51-75 Attempt to grapple nearest ally, believing they are a childhood pet or companion wandering into danger.
76-100 Attack nearest creature with held item or unarmed strike (not including subject’s own familiar).