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Classes by System

The following lists group classes by system, in case you are running a single-system game or simply want to compare classes.

Akashic: Daevic, Eclipse, Guru, Helmsman, Huay, Kheshig, Nexus, Radiant, Rajah*, Stormbound, Vizier, Volur, Zodiac

Cerulean Seas: This page contains rules for converting existing classes to the Cerulean Seas setting, as well as classes specific to that setting.


Legendary Classes: Legendary Classes are upgraded and streamlined versions of vanilla classes. They stick to the core idea of the class, but reshape it in a way that makes it unique compared to similar classes.

Path of War: Harbinger, Medic, Mystic, Parasite, Rajah*, Stalker, Voltaic, Warder, Warlord, Zealot*

Psionics: Aegis, Cryptic, Dread, Highlord, Marksman, Psion, Psychic Warrior, Soulknife, Tactician, Vitalist, Voyager, Wilder, Zealot*

Spheres of Power: Archetypes for Spheres classes that interact with other rules on the Library, such as Akasha.

Other: Artisan, Godhand, Malefex

* Class falls into two groups.

For a more detailed comparison between various kind of casters, manifester, initiators, and veilweavers, as well as their archetypes, please see this table. (It is unfortunately too large to fit on this website.)


Editor's Note: The following is non-official. Several users have requested a retraining synergy ruleset, so I have provided a suggestion.

Hybrid, Alternate, and Legendary classes count as (and have retraining synergy with) their parent classes when determining synergy. For other classes not on the normal list, they count as (and have synergy with) the following classes when determining synergy:

  • Alchemist - Cryptic, Kineticist, Medic, Occultist, Parasite
  • Barbarian - Warder
  • Bard - Highlord, Mesmerist, Rajah
  • Cleric - Radiant, Vitalist
  • Druid - Stormbound
  • Fighter - Aegis, Voltaic, Warlord, Zealot
  • Paladin - Daevic, Dread, Soulknife
  • Magus - Harbinger, Mystic, Psychic Warrior, Voyager
  • Monk - Guru, Medium
  • Ranger - Marksman
  • Rogue - Eclipse, Stalker
  • Sorcerer - Nexus, Psychic, Wilder
  • Summoner - Helmsman, Spiritualist, Zodiac
  • Witch - Malefex
  • Wizard - Psion, Tactician, Vizier

Gonzo classes to be added once they're all actually on the Library.