Library of Metzofitz Wiki
Feats Prerequisites Benefits
Aberrant Form Cha 15, Passion class feature Gain a new Passion veil
Ability Focus (Malefactions) - +2 to malefaction DCs
Access Higher Chakra Slot Con 17, character level 17th Unlock Neck or Belt bind
Access Low Chakra Slot Con 13, character level 7th Unlock Hands, Head, or Feet bind
Access Middle Chakra Slot Con 15, character level 13th Unlock Headband, Shoulders or Wrists bind
Accursed Bullet Hex Bullet hex class feature Use a bullet hex a second time if the target succeeds the first save
Additional Hypercharge Hypercharge class feature Gain an additional hypercharge
Additional Invincibility Armored invincibility class feature Gain an additional use of armored invincibility
Additional Shadow Shadow copy class feature Create an additional shadow copy
Akashic Arms and Armor At least 1 veil known with the Enhanced descriptor, character level 5th Gain Craft Magic Arms and Armor for [enhanced] veils only
An Insult Knows No Bounds Strong Language, Linguistics 12 ranks Affect creatures normally immune to insults
Anathematic Hand Binding class feature Your arm detects those whose alignments oppose your own
Animal Spirit Legendary shifter 1st Use Cha for your shifter abilities
Arcing Chains Chain Power Chained powers deal extra damage to the primary target
Aspected Energy Ability to select an active element or active energy type, ability to shape at least 1 veil with an elemental descriptor Burn essence to change a veil to your active element
Assassin's Avatar Bond senses class feature, eidolon class feature, assassin level 3rd Your eidolon can use your assassin class features
Augmented Elements Kineticist level 1st Learn a simple blast from any element.
Aura Study Reduced commander’s aura class feature Gain a commander's aura
Autonomous - +2 bonus on Autohypnosis and Knowledge (psionics) checks
Awesome Power Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, awesome blow class feature Count as having Awesome Blow, Str 25, and being Large
Bad Romance 6th level compulsions (Dynamancer), evil alignment Feel the love is not broken when the target is attacked
Band Battle Rock-out class feature You and your allies are protected from sonic damage
Basic Alteration Shifter shape, dragon shape, fairy shape, giant shape, mimic shape, or necro shape class feature Take a humanoid form when using a prerequisite ability
Bestial Roots Legendary shifter 5th; dragon shape, fairy shape, giant shape, mimic shape, or necro shape Use the prerequisite abilities to transform into animals
Binding of the Bands Character level 11th, racial trait that allows you to shape a veil belonging to the Gifts of the Bearer collection Bind your racial veil
Black Market Dealings - Gain enhanced abilities when dealing with black markets
Blade of Terror Ability to generate a mind blade, one blade skill and one terror known Deliver terrors through your mind blade
Blinding Flare Flaring Power Your flaring powers can also blind
Blood Knowledge Vampire Gain a creature's memories when you drink their blood
Blood Scion Cruomancer level 1, two maneuvers from Black Seraph , Leaden Hyena, or Unquiet Grave Initiator levels count as Cruomancer levels
Blood Sovereignty Blood Scion, Cruomancer 5th Gain 1 blood point whenever you defeat a Claimed, Siphoned, or bleeding enemy
Blush of Life Vampire Hide more easily amongst mortals
Bonded Expert Bonded armor class feature Gain an additional use of your armor summon and teleport anima
Boon Phantom Phantom class feature Increase your effective level for phantom statistics.
Careless Burrowing Burrowing Power Use a burrowing power even if you can't see the target
Chakra Focus Ability to bind veils to a chakra slot, veilweaving modifier +3 Increase the DC of veils in a specific chakra
Challenge Study Legendary Cavalier 1st, challenge aspect Gain a challenge ability from a base cavalier's order
Channeled Recovery Channel energy class feature Channel energy allows allies to recover a maneuver
Charismatic Caster Cabalist, warlock, or zealot 1st Cast as a spontaneous caster, using the bard table, and Cha as your casting stat
Charlatan Bluff 1 rank, Spellcraft 1 rank Disguise magical effects as different effects.
Clever Ranger Legendary Ranger level 1st Use Int for your ranger abilities
Cloak Dance Perform (dance) 2 ranks, Stealth 7 ranks Gain concealment as a move action, total concealment as a full-round action
Combat Trained Base attack bonus +6, bonus feats class feature Treat your fighter and monk levels as 2 higher when qualifying for bonus feats
Compelling Ranger Legendary Ranger level 1st Use Cha for your ranger abilities
Confounding Wit Charisma 13 or Intelligence 13, Bluff or Intimidate 3 ranks Penalize a foe's initiative with a clever quip
Constant Vigilance Detect Hostility Passively detect hostility.
Craft Companion Vehicle Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 9 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 9 ranks Gain the ability to craft vehicles
Craft Cybernetics Technologist, Heal 9 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 9 ranks. Gain the ability to craft cybernetic items
Craft Mech Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 11 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 11 ranks Gain the ability to craft mechs
Craft Pharmaceutical Technologist, Heal 9 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 9 ranks Gain the ability to craft pharmaceuticals
Craft Robot Craft Technological Arms and Armor, Craft Technological Item, Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 9 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 9 ranks Gain the ability to craft robots
Craft Technological Arms and Armor Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 7 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 7 ranks Gain the ability to craft technological weapons and armor
Craft Technological Item Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 5 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks Gain the ability to craft technological gear
Crawling in My Skin Veilweaver level 11th, improved skin shift class feature Gain the ability to use skin shift as swarm skin
Crystek Attunement Essence Rejection Gain the ability to use crystek devices
Custom Vehicle Technologist, character level 4th, must not have an animal companion, mount, or vehicle companion that advances as a mech or animal companion Gain a companion vehicle
Cybernetic Integration Bonded Mech class feature or Mech Piloting feat, Craft (mechanical) 5 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks Convert your mech into cybernetic body armor
Defensive Tactics Tactics class feature, armor training class feature Improve your tactics and armor training abilities
Demon-Haunted Drifter Grit pool, eidolon class feature Spend grit to summon or enhance your eidolon
Destructive Study Reduced commander’s aura class feature, Aura Study or Order Study Gain the destructive counsel aura
Detect Hostility Blind Fight or the scent ability, Knowledge (martial) 5 ranks Sense killing intent using psychic skill unlocks.
Devil Mantis Form Red Mantis Assassin 8th Gain the fiendish template while in blood mantis form
Devil's Fiddle Rock out class feature, Perform 10 ranks, Knowledge (religion) or (planes) 1 rank Challenge devils to musical duels to stun them
Dilletante Medium Spirit Bonus +2 Your spirit-based class features are equal to your caster level
Dirgesinger - Affect undead with bardic performances
Discipline Expertise - +2 bonus to skills associated to class disciplines
Discipline Focus Ability to initiate 3 maneuvers of one discipline +2 to save DCs of chosen discipline, +2 damage when using discipline weapons
Discipline Mastery 8 or more ranks in a discipline’s associated skill Take 10 on discipline associated skill checks
Divine Essence Con 13 or veilweaver level 1st, channel energy class feature Spend channel energy to gain temporary essence
Drawn Out Extension Extend Power Increase duration of effects by concentrating
Drink Soul Blood Knowledge, Vampire Steal a dead creature's soul by drinking their blood
Dual Enhanced Veils At least 2 veils known with the Enhanced descriptor Burn essence to swap one [enhanced] veil for another
Dual Hemisphere Ability to manifest a constellation’s champion form Summon two versions of the same constellation
Duality Twin Power Twinned powers are more likely to affect the target
Duplicate Detachment Mirror manipulations class feature Add your Int mod to the number of clones per day you can summon
Earth Glide Earth affinity special ability, ki pool Gain a burrow speed by spending ki
Ectoplasmicity Ectoplasmic Power Ectoplasmic powers can ignore material creatures
Effective Opportunist Combat Reflexes, Opportunity Power Use Opportunity Powers as attacks of opportunities
Effective Persistence Persistent Power Persistent powers are harder to save against
Ego Limiter Symbiosis class feature Reduce the ego of your symbiote by 1, minus an additional 1 at 5th and every 4 levels thereafter
Element Dancer Morphbear Change your elemental affinity more fluidly
Elemental Anathema Elemental Phobia, Elemental Dread, character level 12 Increase your resistance again and create an aura of anathema for your chosen element
Elemental Dread Elemental Phobia, character level 6 Increase your resistance and force disadvantage on elemental creatures, but gain vulnerability to your chosen element
Elemental Phobia Character level 3 Gain resistance to an element, but become shaken in its presence
Elemental Spellweaving Spellweaver 1, ability to shape at least one veil with an elemental descriptor, ability to cast at least one spell that deals elemental damage Shatter an elemental veil to change a spell to that element
Endless Burning Burning Power Your burning powers continue to damage unless put out
Endowed Power Endowed Mind Your augmented powers pierce power resistance more easily
Enduring Mind Wis 13 Reduce ability damage to mental scores
Enhance Manifestation Ability to initiate a psychic duel Increase the power of your manifestations in a psychic duel
Enhanced Capacity Con 15 or veilweaver level 7th Increase capacity of one essence receptacle
Ensorcelled Quiver Access to Primeval spells Regain an expended primeval spell when you roll initiative
Esotery Sculptor Sculpting touch class feature Your sculpting touch works on all creatures and objects
Essence Rejection No essence pool Gain bonus to saves vs. veil effects
Essence Void Essence Rejection, character level 8th Suppress veils that target you, halve akashic damage
Expanded Assertion Pool Assertion Pool class feature Your assertion pool increases in size by two points
Expanded Veilweaving Shape Veil and no levels in a veilweaving class, or veilweaver level 11 Increase your maximum veils shaped by 1
Exploit Schema Perform (acting) or Bluff 10 ranks Become so strange that creatures who see you believe they are hallucinating
Explosive Bolts Warlock 5th Use your mystic bolts as splash weapons
Extra Akashic Upgrade Ability to shape an akashic construct Gain an additional akashic upgrade
Extra Appetite Appetite class feature Gain an additional appetite
Extra Assassin Talent Assassin talent class feature Gain an additional assassin talent
Extra Bullet Hex Bullet hex class feature Gain an additional bullet hex
Extra Commander's Aura Commander’s aura class feature Gain 6 additional rounds of your aura
Extra Conviction Conviction class feature Gain an additional conviction
Extra Craven Talent Craven talent Gain an additional craven talent
Extra Distortion Distortion class feature Gain an additional distortion
Extra Domination Domination class feature Gain an additional use of domination
Extra Draw Breath Draw breath ability Gain 2 additional uses of draw breath
Extra Essence Con 13 or veilweaver level 1st Gain additional essence
Extra Gag Gag class feature, character level 7th Gain an additional gag
Extra Guardian of Life Guardian of life class feature, initiator level 9th Gain an additional use of guardian of life
Extra Guide Interaction Interactions class feature Gain an additional interaction
Extra Hench Talent Hench talent class feature Gain an additional hench talent
Extra Hero Power Hero power class feature Gain an additional hero power
Extra Implacability Implacability class feature Gain an extra implacability
Extra Ki Ki pool class feature Increase ki pool by 2
Extra Legendary Arcana Legendary magus arcana class feature Gain an additional legendary magus arcana
Extra Lifestyle Choice Lifestyle choice class feature Gain an additional lifestyle choice
Extra Magical Girl Talent Magical girl talent class feature Gain an additional magical girl talent
Extra Malefaction 2 or more malefactions known Gain an additional malefaction
Extra Mana Mana class feature Gain 2 additional mana points
Extra Masquerade Mocking performance class feature Gain an additional masquerade
Extra Mech Enhancement Bonded Mech class feature or Mech Piloting Your mech gains an additional enhancement
Extra Medic's Expertise Medic’s expertise class feature Gain an additional medic's expertise
Extra Mime Talent Mime talent class feature Gain an additional mime talent
Extra Mutation Mutation class feature Gain an additional mutation
Extra Ranger Talent Legendary Ranger level 5th Gain an additional ranger talent
Extra Shadow Clones Shadow clone class feature Gain two additional uses of shadow clones
Extra Shinobi Talent Shinobi talent class feature Gain an additional shinobi talent
Extra Skin Form Slot Veilweaver level 5th, skin shift class feature Gain an additional skin form slot
Extra Skinchange Skinchange class feature with effective skinchanger level 5th Gain an additional skinchange and activate skinchange one additional time per day
Extra Social Talent 1st level vigilante or character level 5th Gain an additional social talent
Extra Spirit Affinity Spirit Affinity class feature Gain an additional spirit affinity
Extra Storm Power Storm power class feature Gain an additional storm power
Extra Tricks of the Trade Tricks of the trade class feature Gain 4 additional tricks of the trade
Extra Unity Talent Unity talent class feature Gain an additional unity talent
Extra Warp Talent Warp talent class feature Gain an additional warp talent
Fallback Daze Dazing Power Gain control over dazing power effects
Familiar Strike Deliver touch spells class feature, familiar class feature, assassin level 1st Your familiar can use your sneak dice when delivering touch spells
Fast Skinchange Skinchange class feature with effective skinchanger level 7th Activate skinchange as a move action
Favored Shinobi Talent Kinetic shinobi 11th, shinobi talent class feature, ki pool class feature One of your shinobi talents costs 1 less ki
Feral Vitality Shapechanger subtype, Toughness Gain fast healing 2
Fighter’s Blade Enhanced mind blade Your training in the mind blade does not suffer for dabbling in other studies
Fire Starter Bardic performance or raging song class feature, kineticist level 1st Stack kineticist levels with other levels for performances, and start songs with kinetic blasts.
First Aid Training - Grant creatures temporary hit points when performing first aid
Fluid Theory - Change the magical abilities of your [enhanced] veils
Focused Death Attack Assassin 1st Gain +2 to the DC of your death attack
Focused Veil Ability to shape at least 1 veil, veilweaving modifier +3 Increase the hardness and DC of a single veil
Forbidden Vigilante Knowledge Magical limit break vigilante talent, spellcasting class ability which removes access to spells Gain access to 7th level spells on your list
Form Finesse Any polymorph skinchange Gain an ability a form would not normally have
Freezing Rime Rime Power Rime powers also slow the target
Genius Vigilante Vigilante 1st Use Int for your vigilante abilities
Genre Fusion Genre class feature, Perform 5 ranks Use your genre on an additional skill
God's Blade God's hand class feature Weapons you wield bypass damage reduction like your divine arm
Greater Arcane Strike Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells, Arcane Strike Increase your Arcane Strike damage by 3, you can decrease your Arcane Strike damage to increase your to hit
Greater Focused Death Attack Focused Death Attack, assassin 4th Gain an additional +2 to the DC of your death attack
Greater Masked Identity Character level 9th, Improved Masked Identity Gain a vigilante talent
Grudgebearer Able to invoke malefactions Malefactions are harder to resist for certain creatures
Guns Out of the Grave Grit pool, undead type Regenerate if you die, gain special undead deeds
Half-Hearted Charge Bluff 1 rank Do not suffer penalties if you miss your charge attack
Hand of God God’s hand class feature, worship a deity, alignment within one step of deity’s Your divine arm acts as a holy/unholy symbol and can create holy/unholy water
Healer's Mercy Heal 5 ranks Use a Heal check in place of damage roll for coup de grace, suppress regeneration
Hidden Sneak Hidden strike +1d8 or sneak attack +1d6 Gain bonuses to attack and damage when using hidden strike on unaware enemies
Honed Maliciousness 7 or more abilities with the curse descriptor known Curse creatures with curse immunity
Impossible Theft Combat Expertise, Improved Steal, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks, panche pool Gain a phantom thief trick
Improved Channel Resistance Undead type Gain a +4 to channel resistance
Improved Implantation - Increase the maximum amount of cybertech your body can sustain
Improved Masked Identity Character level 5th, Masked Identity or dual identity class feature Gain a +5 bonus to Disguise
Improved Overlord's Mindscape Overlord’s Mindscape Target additional creatures when using Overlord's Mindscape
Improved Sell-Sword Weapon Focus, sell-sword class feature, base attack bonus +5 Reduce the cost of sell-sword
Improved Veil of Nature Veilweaver level 7th, veil of nature class feature Add a new veil to your veil of nature choices
Injected Infusions Alchemy class feature, infusion discovery Inject infusions and mutagens into creatures
Innocent Bliss Gag class feature Ignore the first impossibility per round
Killer’s Vitality Soulthief method, sneak attack +1d6 Gain temporary hit points when you land a sneak attack
Killing Madness - Creatures you reduce to 0 sanity die rather than going mad
Knightmare Terrors class feature, cavalier’s charge class feature Your dread and cavalier training provide complementary benefits
Legacy Weapon Must be selected at 1st level Begin play with a masterwork weapon that deals +1 damage, you can enhance it as though you had Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Lightning Quicken Quicken Power Quicken your powers twice in a round
Lingering Spirit Con 13, character level 5th You don't die until reduced to twice your Constitution score
Lurker in Darkness Stealth 6 ranks Use Stealth to hide from unusual senses
Machine Poltergeist Incorporeal subtype, Intelligence 15 Possess machines that can house an AI
Magical Transformation Magical child 3rd Gain the powerful transformation of the outrageous lyricist
Make it Fit Craft (any) 3 ranks, Str 15, one or more item creation feats Use your Str instead of Int when crafting
Mantis Swarm Form Red Mantis Assassin 6th Become a swarm while in your mantis form
Martial Astrologist Ability to initiate maneuvers, ability to manifest a weapon constellation with an associated discipline Manifest a constellation weapon as any associated discipline weapon
Masked Identity Skill Focus (disguise) Gain the dual identity class feature
Mass Branding Ability to shape at least two veils with the [brand] descriptor, veilweaving level 7 Apply multiple brands with a single action
Master of the Staff Unseen servant class feature or ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells Your unseen servants have improved statistics
Mech Master Technologist, must possess an animal companion Gain a mech in place of your animal companion
Mechanical Magician Knowledge (engineering) 1 rank Make Knowledge (engineering) checks in place of Use Magic Device
Memorized Personae Adopted persona class feature Indefinitely keep a number of personae up to your Int mod
Miniature Reach - Always have 5 foot reach when Tiny or smaller
Mind Afire Kineticist level 1st, must use an ability score other than Constitution to determine your hit points (such as by possessing the Altered Life feat) Use the ability score you use to determine your hit points for burn.
Mind Over Body Con 13 Heal ability damage more quickly
Mind Sniper Ability to generate a mind blade or mind bolt, knowledge of one blade skill, style technique class feature Stack marksman and soulknife levels to favored weapon bonuses; mind blade is a favored weapon
Mind Trick 5 skill ranks in selected skill Use Cha in place of Dex for 1 skill
Morphic Beserker Rage power class feature, defensive instinct class feature Your barbarian and shifter levels stack for rage and defensive instinct
Morphic Lyricist Bardic performance class feature, defensive instinct class feature Your bard and shifter levels stack for bardic performance and defensive instinct
Morphic Stalker Studied target class feature, defensive instinct class feature Your slayer and shifter levels stack for studied target and defensive instinct
Natural Telekinetic - Gain far hand as a psi-like ability
Open Minded - Gain skill points
Order Study Legendary Cavalier 1st, must not belong to an order Gain a unique aura from an order
Overflowing Ki Level 7 in a class that grants a ki pool Count as having 1 ki point in your pool, meditate to regain ki when at 0 ki
Overlord's Mindscape 9th level, ability to initiate a psychic duel Target multiple creatures when instigating a psychic duel
Overwhelming Beats Charisma 15, character level 5, Intimidate 5 ranks, Personal Theme Song Enemies who hear your theme song are shaken
Overwhelming Focus Focused Power +2 bonus to overcoming power resistance
Overwhelming Mercy Merciful Power Your merciful powers do more damage
Overwhelming Pierce Piercing Power Treat opponents resistance as lower
Painful Severance Ability to shape at least one veil with the [brand] descriptor, veilweaving level 5 Sundering your brands damages the branded creatures
Pattern Blade Ability to generate a mind blade, throw mind blade or launch soul bolt, knowledge of one blade skill and one cryptic insight Throw mind blade and add disrupt pattern to its damage
Personal Theme Song Charisma 15, character level 5, either Power Attack or Dodge Create thematic music that grants a bonus depending on the feat chosen
Picky Eater Draw breath class feature Exclude creatures when using draw breath
Pillaged Talents Blood Knowledge, Drink Soul, Vampire Use a creature's feats while you have their soul
Plague Doctor Heal 7 ranks Grant creatures bonuses on saves vs disease if you have previously successfully treated that disease
Positive Energy Resistance Undead type Gain 5 + HD positive energy resistance
Puppy-Dog Eyes Charisma 15 Gain a gaze attack that fascinates creatures larger than you
Pushover Toppling Power Knocked down targets provoke attacks
Pyromaniac Bomb 2d6 class feature, fire lash class feature Your bombs gain benefits from your weapon afire ability
Raging Hulk Rage power class feature, astral suit class feature Combine barbarian and aegis levels for customization selections and gain extra customizations when raging
Rapid Metabolism Con 13 Heal hit points more quickly
Reaching Brands Ability to shape at least one veil with the [brand] descriptor, veilweaving level 5 The distance at which your brands remain active becomes Medium range
Reckless Offense Base attack bonus +1 Take -4 AC to gain +2 melee attack bonus
Reflected Redirection Redirect Power You can re-target redirected powers
Reverberating Echo Echoing Power +2 to manifester level when using Echoing Power
Rotund Recoil Toughness, Strength or Constitution 13 Gain DR and bull rush those who attack you
Salvage Crafter Any item creation feat Break down other items to pay for crafting new ones
Savage Flurry Base attack bonus +6, one primary natural attack Treat a natural attack as a manufactured weapon
Scholarly Discipline Arcane school, discipline class feature Your arcane and psionic training provide complementary benefits
Scholarly Samurai Legendary samurai 1st Use Int for your samurai abilities
Secret Backup Plan Ability to cast spells, Int 13 or Character level 5th Temporarily use a new spell when identifying a creature
Seeing Stars Slapstick class feature, Weapon Focus (improvised weapons) Critical hits with improvised weapons stagger the target
Selective Empowerment Spellcraft 10 ranks, Selective Power Empower a power by excluding portions of the effect
Self-Aggrandizement Laughter class feature, character level 5th Grant yourself laughs as a swift action
Serene Stride Ki pool, Wis 13 Ignore difficult terrain penalties, walk on liquids
Set Focus Ability to shape at least 1 veil, veilweaving modifier +3 Increase the hardness and DC of veils from a set
Shape Akashic Construct Veilweaving level 5, ability to shape 2 or more veils Gain the ability to shape an akashic construct
Shape Storm Con 13 or veilweaver level 3rd, Wis 13 Gain the ability to shape one Storm veil of your choice
Shape Veil Con 13 or veilweaver level 1st, Wis 13 or veilweaving modifier 13 Gain the ability to shape one veil of your choice
Shaping Focus Wild shape class feature, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks Increase your wild shape level by 4
Shared and Received Shared Power Increase the range to share powers
Shared Veil Veilweaving and animal companion or familiar Share shaped veil with companion creature
Shifting Weakness Symbiotic Slayer 5th Change your symbiote's weakness 1 per week
Shout of Kings Commander’s shout class feature, legendary cavalier 11th Use commander's shout on an ally twice per day
Sidestep Charge Dex 13, Dodge +4 bonus to AC against a charging foe
Slow Jam Genre class feature, Perform 5 ranks Forgo damage for rock-out and solo to slow foes
Sniper Bolts Mystic bolts class feature Increase the range of your bolts by 15 feet
Soul Warrior Mind blade +2, warrior’s path class feature Your psychic warrior and soulknife training provide complementary benefits
Spirit Familiar Ability to acquire a new familiar, arcane spellcaster level 7 Gain an akashic spirit instead of a familiar
Spirit Familiar Embodiment Spirit Familiar, arcane spellcaster level 13 You can embody your akashic spirit
Spirit Focus Spirit bonus class feature Your spirit bonus for a specific spirit increases by 1
Spirit Specialization Spirit Focus, Spirit Feat class feature Gain an additional spirit feat when channeling a focused spirit
Split-Second Reactions Improved Initiative Ready an action at the start of the round, instead of your turn
Splitting Focus Split Psionic Ray Gain +2 attack bonus for using split rays on the same target
Spreading Misery 2 or more malefactions known Malefactions transfer to new targets upon death
Street Lessons School of hard knocks class feature Gain an additional knock
Sticky Fingers Combat Expertise, Improved Steal, Sleight of Hand 4 ranks Gain thieves acumen as a phantom thief
Strong Language Insult class feature, Linguistics 6 ranks Insult creatures who don't share your language
Student of the Astral Suit Invigorating suit class feature Treat aegis level as 4 higher for customizations and customization points, up to your character level
Studied Veilweaving Veilweaving level 1, veilweaving modifier of +3 Treat veilweaver level as 4 higher, up to your character level
Style Shift One Style feat, one Shifting feat Enter a Style and Shift at the same time
Suffer With Grace Choose to succumb to a mind-affecting effect to lessen its duration
Sworn to Protect - Bind yourself to a creature and gain abilities to protect them
Tainted Essence Veilweaving Increase the power of your evil veils
Talented Jinxer 2 or more malefactions known Maintain 2 additional malefactions
Technique Specialization Legendary magus 11, ability to use arcane potential Decrease the potential cost of one technique by 1
Technologist - You understand how to use advanced technology
Thunderclap Percussion Concussive Power Creatures adjacent to target also affected
Tomb Raider Trapmaker class feature, favored terrain (subterranean) class feature Add cryptic and ranger levels together for trapfinding and favored terrain
Tooth and Veil Veilweaver level 5th, any natural attack, ability to shape a weapon-like or [enhanced (weapon)] veil Channel weapon veils into your natural attacks
Touch of Death Ki pool class feature, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +5, assassin level 1st Expend ki to increase the DC of your death attack
Touch of the Grave Must be living Gain a +2 vs pain and cold effects, but appear undead
Triple Jump Acrobatics 10 ranks, acrobatic stunt rogue talent Roll 3 times and take the best result when rolling Acrobatics
Twinveil Veilweaver level 9th Shape two veils in same slot
Unconscious Unconditionally Unconditional Power Manifest even when unconscious
Undead Companion Animal companion, dark messenger, or familiar Your companion becomes undead
Unified Theory At least 1 veil known with the Enhanced descriptor Add enhancements and abilities to this feat and transfer them to a veil
Unknowable Fear Intimidate 5 ranks You gain the project hostility skill unlock, and others find it harder to Intimidate you.
Unlocked Talent Wild Talent Gain 1st level power and power points
Urban Tracking - Track creatures by gathering information
Vehicle Expert - +2 bonus on Knowledge (engineering) and Ride checks
Veil of Balance Ability to shape veils Affect creatures with alignment-targeting veils that you normally would not be able to affect
Vigilante Casting Savant Vigilante 5th, must have an archetype with the alchemy or spellcasting class feature Gain a vigilante talent
Vigilante Savant Vigilante level 7th Gain a vigilante talent
Violent Child Magical child 1st Add magus spells to your spell list
Viscous Poison Sticky poison alchemist discovery, assassin level 1st Increase the duration of your poisons
Wagemage Knowledge (arcane) 5 ranks, discount class feature Use discount tokens to cast spells
Wand Desperado Use Magic Device 5 ranks, ability to initiate maneuvers Make maneuver attacks with wands and staves
Weapon Fusion Quadrupedal racial trait or nameer, sobek, or solhofaat Channel constellation weapons through your natural attacks
Weapon Proficiency (Packs) Take no penalty on pack attacks and treat them as martial weapons
Whiskey-Soaked Drifter Grit pool, living creature Drink to gain grit points
Wild Talent - Gain psionic ability and 2 power points
Wildblood Mage Bloodline arcana, wild surge +1 Increase caster and manifester level and use wild surge on spells
Winter-Hearted Drifter Grit pool Resist cold environments and see through cold weather
Wise Vigilante Vigilante 1st Use Wis for your vigilante abilities
Wizened Samurai Legendary samurai 1st Use Wis for your samurai abilities
Wolfmaster Houndmaster 1st Select a wolf for your companion