Library of Metzofitz Wiki

1st-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Animus Overload: Consume a target’s animus points to deal damage to them.

Astral Traveler: Enable yourself or another to join an astral caravan-enabled trip.

Bestow Blade: Create a mind blade for an ally to use.

Biofeedback: Gain DR 2/–.

Burst: Gain +10ft. to speed this round.

Call Weaponry: Create temporary weapon.

Chameleon: Gain +10 enhancement bonus on Stealth checks.

Charge Psychic Strike: Charge your mind blade as if by psychic strike.

Conceal Thoughts: You conceal your motives.

Deaden Attack: Your attacks with weapons deal non-lethal damage.

Detect Psionics: You detect the presence of psionics.

Distract: Subject gets –4 on Perception and Sense Motive checks.

Elfsight: Gain low-light vision, +2 bonus on Perception checks, and notice secret doors.

Elongate Extremities: You lengthen your legs or your arms.

Empty Mind: Gain +2 on Will saves until your next action.

Environment Shield: Insulate target against hostile environmental effects.

Essence Defilement: Burn a creature's essence and weaken them.

Essence Infusion: Grant target one temporary point of essence.

Expansion, Karak’s: Become one size category larger.

Float: Buoy yourself in water or other liquid.

Force Screen: Invisible disc provides +4 shield bonus to AC.

Fortify: You gain a +2 resistance bonus on saves.

Grip of Iron: Your iron grip gives +4 bonus on grapple checks.

Inertial Armor: Tangible field of force provides you with +4 armor bonus to AC.

Metaphysical Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.

Morbid Fascination: Peer into the ethereal plane to find creatures.

My Light: Your eyes emit 40-ft. cone of light.

Precognition, Defensive: Gain +1 insight bonus to AC and saving throws.

Precognition, Offensive: Gain +1 insight bonus on your attack rolls.

Precognition, Tactical: Gain +2 enhancement bonus to combat maneuvers.

Prescience, Offensive: Gain +2 insight bonus on your damage rolls.

Prevenom Weapon: Your weapon is mildly venomous.

Reject Essence: Target that fails its saves has its essence burned and takes akashic damage.

Restore Essence: Target's burned essence is recovered.

Skate: Subject slides skillfully along the ground.

Sunder Investment: Target's essence is forcibly uninvested.

Synesthete: You receive one kind of sense when another sense is stimulated.

Thicken Skin: Gain +1 enhancement bonus to your AC for 10 min./level.

Transfer Animus: Transfer your animus points to another.

Transfer Energy: Move charges from one technological device to another.

Veil Magnification: Target suffers a penalty when saving against your veils.

Veil Restoration: Restore a suppressed veil.

Vigor: Gain 5 temporary hit points.

2nd-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Body Adjustment: Heal 1d12 damage.

Body Equilibrium: You can walk on nonsolid surfaces.

Body Purification: Restore 2 points of ability damage.

Cloud Mind: You erase knowledge of your presence from target’s mind.

Concealing Amorpha: Quasi-real membrane grants you concealment.

Defy Gravity: You move up and down, forward and back, via mental support.

Detect Hostile Intent: You can detect hostile creatures within 30 ft. of you.

Dimension Swap: You and an ally switch positions.

Dissolving Weapon: Your weapon deals 4d6 acid damage.

Endorphin Surge: You incite a rush of endorphins, augmenting your physical form.

Energy Adaptation, Specified: Gain resistance 10 to one energy type.

Essence Theft: Deal damage and burn target's essence, gain a temporary point of essence.

Feat Leech: Borrow another’s psionic or metapsionic feats.

Heightened Vision: See 60 ft. in total darkness.

Mindscramble: Charge your mind blade to deal +2d6 nonlethal damage and stun a target.

Prowess: Instantly gain another attack of opportunity.

Psionic Scent: Gain the scent ability.

Steal Animus: Steal the target’s animus points with a touch.

Suppress Veil: Suppress one veil.

Sustenance: You can go without food and water for one day.

Thought Shield: Gain PR 13 against mind-affecting powers.

Wall Walker: Grants ability to walk on walls and ceilings.

3rd-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Cold of the Grave: Block pain, reducing ability damage and ignore morale effects.

Concealing Amorpha, Greater: Quasi-real membrane grants you total concealment.

Dimension Slide: Teleports you very short distance.

Ectoplasmic Grapnel, Syonique’s: Use a ray of ectoplasm to perform a variety of functions.

Empathic Feedback: When you are hit in melee, your attacker takes damage.

Escape Detection: You become difficult to detect with clairsentience powers.

Essential Block: Target cannot reallocate or burn essence, or has one receptacle blocked on a successful save.

Evade Burst: You take no damage from a burst on a successful Reflex save.

Form Astral Armor: Create an astral suit like an aegis.

Ghostslayer’s Blade: Give a weapon ghost touch and undead bane.

Graft Armor: Your armor becomes an extension of your body.

Graft Weapon: Your hand is replaced seamlessly by your weapon.

Hustle: Instantly gain a move action.

Mental Barrier: Gain +4 deflection bonus to AC until your next action.

Physical Acceleration: You move faster, gain +1 on attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves.

Psionic Lion’s Charge: You can make full attack in same round you charge.

Shade Venom: Imbue a poison so it can affect incorporeal creatures.

Sharpened Edge: Doubles normal weapon’s threat range.

Short Circuit: Disrupt function of technological equipment.

Tormenting the Dead: Lash and torment incorporeal creatures.

Ubiquitous Vision: You have all-around vision.

Vampiric Blade: You heal half of your base weapon damage.

4th-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Energy Adaptation: Your body converts energy to harmless light.

Fold Space: Teleports you short distance.

Immovability: You are almost impossible to move and gain DR 15/–.

Inertial Barrier: Gain DR 5/–.

Psychic Reformation: Subject can choose skills, feats, and powers anew for previous levels.

Scales of Damnation: Drain energy from the spirit world to gain insight.

Slip the Bonds: You cannot be held or otherwise rendered immobile.

Steadfast Perception: Gain immunity to illusory effects, +6 bonus on Perception checks.

Tactile Telekinesis: Add +2 to attack and damage rolls, increase your effective Strength for carrying capacity, and gain the rock throwing ability.

Truevenom Weapon: Your weapon is horribly poisonous.

Weapon of Energy: Weapon deals additional energy damage.