Library of Metzofitz Wiki

Alternate Racial Traits

Grippli have access to the following new alternate racial traits.

Bloodfrog (Ex): Some Grippli have an affinity for blood, and are masters of exploiting it. Grippli with this alternate racial trait increase the Heal check DC to remove any bleed effect they inflict by 10, and a creature who applies magical healing to a creature under one of these grippli's bleed effects must succeed on a caster level check (DC = 11 + the grippli's character level) to end the bleeding. This racial trait replaces camouflage and swamp stride.

Steelfrog (Ex): Occasionally a grippli is born with strange, calcified skin, fortified by the iron in their blood as they age. Grippli with this racial trait gain a +6 armor bonus to AC, but have a maximum dexterity bonus of +3 and suffer a –3 armor check penalty. They are always treated as though they were wearing medium metal armor for the purposes of spells, effects, and codes of conduct. Their skin may be magically enhanced as though it were a masterwork piece of medium metal armor. This racial trait replaces camouflage.