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Morale and discipline are what define a fighting force, moreso than strength or skill-at-arms. If the foe’s will to persevere can be broken, then even the most powerful opponents can be reduced to withered, complacent submissives. The first practitioners of the Leaden Hyena discipline realized this fact in the youth of their society, and this knowledge enabled them to shatter the order of all who crossed then and thus attain victory against far mightier foes. Disciples learned to turn their enemies against themselves, bringing down their ranks from within. Learning from their example, the style of the Leaden Hyena has developed among enforcers, sentinels, tricksters, and cads everywhere as a way to distort their foes’ grip on victory.

The discipline skill of Leaden Hyena is Bluff. The associated weapon groups for Leaden Hyena are Spears, Hammers, and Light Blades.

Associated Skill: Bluff

Associated Weapon Groups: Hammers, light blades, and spears

Martial Tradition: The Forsaken Does

Title Veil: The Jovial

Style Feats:

Combo Feats:

Leaden Hyena’s tactics focus on resilience and manipulation, and this discipline can be exchanged by any class which has access to Golden Lion for one martial discipline they possess.

1st Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Climactic Butchery Strike Attack deals 2d4 additional damage, target reduced to 0 hit points cannot stabilize
Cruel Hyena’s Facade Stance Creatures you feint become shaken and flat-footed
False Command Boost Make Bluff check to force foe to move 10 feet
Incite Betrayal Boost Target must make will save or attack their own ally.
Malignant Punisher Stance Stance Gain +1 dodge bonus to AC plus 1 per four levels, creatures who miss you take damage equal to half your initiator level
Savaging Steel Strike Attack deals 1d6 points of bleed damage

2nd Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Face Me Boost Foes must make Will saves to move away from you.
Sadistic Vitality Boost If you damaged a creature this turn, gain temporary hit points equal to your initiator level
Tear Banner Strike Attack a creature, impose -2 penalty on attack rolls for all others within 30 feet
Weight of Defeat Counter Gain DR 10/against an attack, attacker takes -4 penalty to AC for 1 round.
Wound-Gouging Blade Strike Increases any bleed damage the target has, increases Heal check DC by 5

3rd Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Erode Resolve Strike Attack deals 3d6 extra damage, fatigues target
Leverage Dismay Boost Add +1d6 damage to next attack for each hostile creature within 20 feet of target
Precarious Doubt Boost All terrain within 20 feet of initiator becomes difficult terrain for 1 round
Riot of Despair Stance Creatures within 30 feet cannot gain morale bonuses, automatically fail checks to stabilize, and take 1d6 extra damage for every ally of theirs that has fallen in combat.

4th Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Bring to Knee Strike Strike knocks foe prone and staggers for initiation modifier rounds.
Cackling Mockery Counter Gain DR 20/against an attack, make Bluff check against foe who attacked you, forcing them to attack you again next round
Foment Helplessness Boost Bluff check to cause target to lose all beneficial spell effects, reverse morale bonuses for one round
Pinning Iron Strike Attack deals 4d6 additional damage, target must save or be entangled

5th Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Brutal Misdirection Counter Make a Bluff check to turn foe’s attack or charge against another target of your choice.
Dastard’s Blades Boost Gain +5d6 sneak attack die, treat creatures adjacent to their allies as flat-footed
Feed on Unease Boost Gain a +10 bonus to all damage rolls against penalized creatures for one round.
Isolating Blow Strike Attack deals 6d6 additional damage, creature loses ability to hear or communicate with allies.
Standing Death Boost Make Bluff check to appear alive and unharmed, even if you are unconscious or dead

6th Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Conviction Breaker Strike Make a full attack against a target, must save or become shaken after each strike
Scavenger’s Leer Counter When a foe makes an attack roll or casts a spell, make a Bluff check to negate it.
Fight-Taking Steel Strike Attack deals 2d4 points of strength damage plus 2 points of strength bleed
Stance of Sown Mistrust Stance Creatures within 30 feet treat no other creatures as allies

7th Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Cackling Madness Boost Foes within 40 feet must attack an ally within range
Crippling Wound Strike Attack deals 8d6 additional damage and 2d6 bleed damage, imposing an increasing penalty on all rolls for each round the bleed continues
Malfeasant Deception Counter Make Bluff check to avoid attack, treat attacker and all other creatures within 30 feet as flat-footed if you succeed.

8th Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Kingbreaker Boost On hitting a creature, make Bluff check to grant all other creatures a -4 penalty on all die rolls and to AC.
Leaden Hyena Stance Stance May force creatures within 30 feet of you to roll twice and take lower result
Poisoned Will Strike Attack deals 10d6 additional damage and 2 points of Wisdom bleed.

9th Level Leaden Hyena Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Taste of Defeat Boost Make a Bluff check against the opponent, causing them to automatically fail their next saving throw.