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Welcome to the Library, a fun place to read and learn!

The Library of Metzofitz is a site dedicated to cataloging and curating third party material for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It was inspired by the fantastic website The Archives of Nethys. Though the Library originally started out as a repository for Dreamscarred Press material, it has since branched out to include other publishers that I feel produce truly excellent content, including Lost Spheres Publishing, Legendary Games, and Little Red Goblin Games.

Legal stuff! Don't get us shut down!

Before you add material to the Library, please ensure that the book you are adding from is in the Licenses page. If not, please add the license information to that page before proceeding. License information can be found at the end of most books after section 15. COPYRIGHT NOTICE of the Open Game License.


When adding material to the Library, please don't forget to add a Source category tag so that it gets categorized with all content from the same book. If something appears in multiple books, list all relevant sources. If you see a page without all sources (or without any source at all), go ahead and add it. Finally, if you've added all the material from a single book, add that book's Source category page to the Completed Sources category.

This way, any other Librarians can easily check if something they're about to add is already in here. Remember, the most important part of any library is organization!

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Want to be a Librarian?

Create a user profile if you don't have one already, then head on over to the Librarian Applications page. Write "Libraries are cool!" on the page and sign it with your name. Then send a private message to either TheSeptet here on the site or Kristal on Discord. Don't forget, you need to have a Wikia account first!

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