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From arcane artificers whose study goes beyond magical technique to the junkyard scrappers who cobble together an armory from mechanical refuse, understanding of equipment and machinery is a valued asset to any in the face of conflict. Whether to bring out the best in their own tools or force out the worst in their foes’, disciples of the Mangled Gear interact heavily with equipment in combat, frequently earning the mantles of “battle tinker” or “steelscrapper”. Nicknames aside, many a force benefits greatly from the aid of a Mangled Gear discipline, whose mechanical alterations both magical and technological can make an incredible difference in the face of a well-armed enemy.

The associated skill for Mangled Gear is Disable Device. The associated weapon groups are Firearms, Light Blades, and Hammers.

Associated Skill: Disable Device

Associated Weapon Groups: Firearms, hammers, and light blades

Martial Tradition: The Warsmith Brotherhood

Title Veil: The Engineer

Style Feats:

Combo Feats:

Rules Element: Sunder
GMs are not likely to encounter usage of the sunder special attack quite as often as the Mangled Gear discipline introduces into a campaign. If a GM adds Mangled Gear to their game they should be very familiar with rules for sunder, hardness, and repairing items (both magical and mundane). Beyond this, determining the effects of the broken condition for equipment and other items should be considered when preparing encounters.

Additionally, long-term presence of the Mangled Gear discipline may disrupt Wealth-by-Level for a PC party if they do not have access to repair abilities or magic. GMs are encouraged to monitor PC wealth levels to ensure correct balance of expected gear and its attending mechanical benefits.

The Mangled Gear discipline combines knowledge of magic and technology, operating upon an understanding of these forces around them, and as such can be exchanged by any class for one discipline they possess. All Mangled Gear maneuvers are considered either supernatural or technological abilities, chosen at the time the first maneuver from this discipline is selected.

1st Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Make it Work Boost Automatically succeed on next Use Magic Device check or glitch roll
Quick-Fingered Draw Stance May retrieve and stow items quicker
Sabotage Strike Make a Disable Device check in place of a sunder check, deal 1d6 additional damage with sunder
Short Out Counter Make a Disable Device check to prevent use/activation of item
Steelscrapper's Attitude Stance Do not provoke attacks of opportunity when sundering, ignore half level in hardness when making a sunder attempt
Thump the Engine Boost Reroll one attack roll, glitch roll, or damage roll.

2nd Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Breaker’s Dodge Counter Make a sunder attempt against an attacker’s weapon, success causes attack to miss.
Energy Retention Boost Device drains no charges when used for one round
Delaying Defiance Counter Delay an ability’s effects for one round
Jam the Gears Strike Creatures hit with the attack take 2d6 extra damage and are staggered, can be used to hold a mechanism in position.
Shutdown Shot Strike 1d6 additional damage, target may not be able to use spells or items for 1 round.

3rd Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Emergency Application Boost Retrieve a stowed item and use it as part of the same action as initiating this boost.
Mangled Gear Stance Stance All equipment and magic within 30 feet suffers an increasing chance of mishap.
Optimum Performance Boost Next attack made with a weapon deals +2d6 additional damage and ignores hardness
Repurpose Power Counter Made a Disable Device check to negate a certain amount of energy damage, may direct it into an item to grant it extra charges

4th Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Conductive Retaliation Counter Make a Disable Device check to deflect ranged touch attack, fire it back at opponent.
Saboteur’s Guile Boost Make a Disable Device check, add result to next sunder damage roll
Shatter the Barrier Strike Attack deals 4d6 extra damage, target takes a penalty to saving throws equal to 1/4 initiator level.
Systemic Bypass Boost Until end of next turn, immune to divinations and bypass magical defenses

5th Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Battle Tinker's Parry Counter Gain DR 20/- against an attack, increase hardness of all equipment by your initiator level.
Blackout Blitz Strike Make a number of Disable Device checks to sunder equipment equal to the number of attacks you can make, may move 5 feet between checks.
Don’t Die On Me Boost Grants a device 5 charges, negates broken condition
Energy Scavenger Strike Attack and make a dispel attempt on a creature or effect, deal 4d6 additional damage and cast whatever you just dispelled.

6th Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Energized Doom Boost Double charge cost while doubling damage of attack
Failsafe Reserves Stance Equipment cannot glitch or have its effects suppressed
Lockdown Strike Strike Attack deals 6d6 additional points of damage, shuts down machines, can paralyze creatures.
Redirect Energy Counter Change target of spell/item

7th Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Fearsome Backfire Counter Make a Disable Device check to cause activated item or spell to explode
Scrapper's Glee Strike Make a full attack in which you do not provoke attacks of opportunity for sundering, ignore DR and hardness and deal double damage to objects.
Second Surge Boost Spell/item effect that took effect last turn occurs again

8th Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Full Overdrive Boost All benefits you gain from items are increased by 2 for one round
Keep the Flame Alive Stance While in this stance, items do not deplete charges.
Shockwave Breakdown Strike Attempt to sunder an object, continually sundering other equipment the target is carrying

9th Level Mangled Gear Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Total Shutdown Strike Make an attack against a creature, target may loses all magical and technological effects for 1 round.