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Every maneuver belongs to a martial discipline. The maneuvers in a discipline are usually linked by common effects, philosophies, or functions. Each discipline is tied to a certain skill that might be used in the execution of some of its maneuvers. Also, various weapons groups (see fighter for Weapon Groups under the weapon training class feature) lend themselves well to the philosophy or maneuvers of certain disciplines. Weapons under these groups are defined as ‘discipline weapons’ for the purposes of feats, features, and other abilities that reference discipline weapons.

Order of Presentation: In the maneuver lists and descriptions, the maneuvers are grouped alphabetically by level.

Initiator Level: Some maneuvers effects depend on the initiator level, which is usually the character’s level in the class that provides access to martial maneuvers. The word “level” in the maneuver lists always refers to initiator level.

Creatures and Characters: “Creatures” and “characters” are used synonymously in the maneuver descriptions.

Discipline Restrictions: Several of the martial disciplines carry specific restrictions on when they can be used, as well as specific rules for those disciplines, as defined in that discipline’s maneuver list.

Name Weapons Skill Tradition
Black Seraph axes, flails, polearms Intimidate Black Thorn Knights
Broken Blade close, monk, natural Acrobatics Sultanate of Beggars
Brutal Crocodile close, flails, natural Climb The Primeval Lodge
Cursed Razor heavy blades, light blades, spears Spellcraft The Quills
Elemental Flux light blades, monk, thrown Spellcraft Cagebreaker Brotherhood
Eternal Guardian hammers, heavy blades, polearms Intimidate Loyal Order of the Branded Waerloch
Fool's Errand all weapons Climb The Fellowship of Fools
Golden Lion hammers, heavy blades, polearms Diplomacy Descendants of the Golden Council
Iron Tortoise axes, close, heavy blades Bluff Defenders of the Realm
Leaden Hyena hammers, light blades, spears Bluff The Forsaken Does
Mangled Gear firearms, hammers, light blades Disable Device The Warsmith Brotherhood
Mithral Current light blades, heavy blades, polearms Perform (dance) Lens Maker Society
Piercing Thunder polearms, spears Acrobatics Reverents of the Lance
Primal Fury axes, hammers, heavy blades Survival Bloody Fangs
Radiant Dawn bows, flails, hammers, polearms, Sun's Gleam Diplomacy Bank of the Sun
Riven Hourglass flails, hammers, light blades Autohypnosis Lords of the Wheel
Roaring Mouse close, flails, light blades, hammers, and natural Escape Artist Merry Pranksters
Sagitta Stellaris bows, crossbows, firearms, and thrown Knowledge (geography) The Echoes of Prophecy
Scarlet Throne heavy blades, light blades, spears Sense Motive Scarlet Sentinels
Shattered Mirror close, heavy blades, light blades Craft (several) Stained Glass Champions
Silver Crane bows, hammers, spears Perception Empyreal Guardians
Sleeping Goddess flails, heavy blades, mind blades, monk, spears Autohypnosis Servants of the Sacred Hymn
Solar Wind bows, crossbows, firearms, thrown Perception Acolytes of the Arrow
Spark of Battle close, heavy blades, light blade Acrobatics None
Steel Serpent close, light blades, monk Heal Ordre des Repas Exotiques
Surging Shark Natural, spears, thrown Swim Moonpearl Pirates
Tempest Gale bows, crossbows, firearms, thrown Sleight of Hand Cirque de la Fumée
Thrashing Dragon close, double weapons, light blades Acrobatics Crashing Tempest Academy
Unquiet Grave axes, natural, polearms, scythes Knowledge (religion) The Scales of Mourning
Veiled Moon double weapons, light blades, spears Stealth The Wayward Path