Library of Metzofitz Wiki

“I am one with my past and future.”—Talan, a metronome

A metronome strives to stay in sync with her temporal assistants, even if it means they may fall behind compared to other voyagers.

Parallel Initiative (Su)

A metronome keeps pace with her parallel selves, even if it may mean she falls behind in speed. When she rolls initiative, instead of rolling a separate parallel initiative, the metronome rolls her own initiative at a –4 penalty. At 4th level and 7th level, the penalty to the metronome’s initiative is reduced by 2.

A metronome's parallel action occurs at the same initiative as the metronome herself. The metronome must choose to have the parallel actions occur entirely before, or entirely after, her own actions, but otherwise the two occur at the same initiative count for all purposes, including the duration of effects that happen during either set of actions.

This ability alters parallel initiative, but does not cause the metronome archetype to be incompatible with other archetypes that alter the parallel initiative class feature.