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Path of War classes use the rules found in the Systems and Use page.

For other Path of War resources, see the Martial Disciplines page.

Epilektoi: Though rare, epilektoi are instantly recognizable on the battlefield, as they are often the warriors still standing after taking so many blows they’re more wound than flesh, or stuck with so many arrows they look like a macabre pincushion. These unstoppable adepts are the epitome of the term “chosen one.”

Harbinger: The harbinger is a mobile combatant that specializes in inflicting curses and manipulating their foes on the battlefield through use of maneuvers. They are specialists in channeling negative emotions as well as focusing on a singular discipline above and beyond the norm of other initiators.

Medic: The medic serves the role of both healer and martial combatant well. Through a combination of grit, knowledge and determination, they are ready to take on the role of party healer and make sure that their allies are able to get up and keep fighting for as long as there are enemies to face and dungeons to raid.

Mystic: The mystic is a warrior filled with barely controlled arcane power. Through the use of unique glyphs and powerful animus, they channel this potent arcane energy to aid their allies both on and off the battlefield.

ParasiteA parasite is a potent offensive presence in combat, ruthlessly assaulting their opponents while inhibiting their means of fighting back. Depending on their mutations and maneuvers, parasites may also prove useful in defense, support, reconnaissance, and battlefield control.

Rajah: The rajah blends their akashic might with martial prowess to control the tide of battle. No single mortal can win a war, and the rajah knows this better than anyone. With their unique akashic gifts, they bring out the potential of their allies, turning even the most inexperienced soldier into a dervish of steel and death.

Stalker: A combination of combatant and stealthy scout, the stalker uses maneuvers that focus on close-quarters combat or thrown weapons, as well as those that channel supernatural energies.

Voltaic: A voltaic is a martial genius, able to adapt their combat style or even create an entirely new style of fighting with a single flash of inspiration. (Note: Much like how an Alchemist is not a caster, a Voltaic is, technically speaking, not a martial disciple.)

Warder: The protector and strategist, the warder most often uses maneuvers that rely on shields and protecting others.

Warlord: Often fond of big, sweeping attacks, the warlord is a combat leader skilled at landing devastating strikes.

Zealot: The zealot is a leader and motivator on the battlefield. By binding their allies into a single collective, they can share the might of conviction and zeal to lead their allies to victory and ensure that they do not fall against even the toughest of foes.


The following archetypes are for non-initiator classes to give them some enhanced martial abilities.

Agent of the Light (Vampire Hunter)

Ambush Hunter (Ranger)

Bloodmaven (Antipaladin)

Contender (Brawler)

Bulletwriter (Gunslinger)

Cutting Blur (Gunslinger/Swashbuckler)

Deathseeker (Rogue)

Ferine Sentinel (Hunter)

Formcrafter (Unchained Monk)

Fulminant Vessel (Bloodrager)

Furinkazan (Samurai)

Hero's Bane (Slayer)

Hetairos (Cavalier)

Hidden Blade (Rogue)

Hypnotic Duelist (Mesmerist)

Knight Disciple (Paladin)

Locus Commander (Summoner)

Mind's Eye Disciple (Marksman)

Monk of the Silver Fist (Monk)

Myrmidon (Fighter)

Night Terror (Vigilante)

Nightmare (Dread)

Pathwalker (Psychic Warrior)

Polymath (Alchemist/Investigator)

Primal Disciple (Barbarian)

Roil Dancer (Kineticist)

Rubato (Bard)

Silent Reaper (Ninja)

Steel Valkyr (Skald)

Sublime Warmage (Magus)

Themistoclien (Helmsman)

Unlimited Warrior (Fighter)

Volt Dancer (Monk)

War Scion (Spiritualist)

War Soul (Soulknife)

Warpath Follower (Inquisitor/Warpriest)