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Minor Veils

This ruleset for Akashic Mysteries introduces a new category of veils that fill in some of the gaps left by the ruleset’s lack of a cantrip-level ability for veilweavers. These rules help to diversify the abilities of veilweavers at low levels with new utility abilities that don’t require them to give up their core veils.

Minor Veil List

Veil Sets

Certain abilities and effects call out veils from certain "veil sets".

Veil Sets can be found here.

Belt Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
Drunkard's Sash Gain temporary hit points from drinking Gain additional bonuses depending on drink
Mermaid's Tail Breathe water and air, gain a swim speed Gain Feet bind, use create water, rising water, and control water as SLAs
The Duelist Challenge enemies to duels, become protected against non-dueled targets Build temporary essence, oppose attack rolls

The Venomous

Your attacks become envenomed Boost poison DC, ignore immunity & treat poisoned foes as flat-footed
Werewolf's Pelt Gain a bonus to Perception and DR/silver or good Temporarily transform into a werewolf

Body Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
The Ephemeral Gain the ability to teleport; become stealthy while doing so Conjure concealing smoke
The Twin Gain clones you can threaten with Swap places with duplicate

Chest Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
The Dragon Rend with two weapons by using a breath weapon Dual attack to ignore DR & boost damage
The Engineer Gain Improved Sunder, deal additional damage with sunders, disarm magical traps Gain Greater Sunder, repair broken objects
The Primordial Gain animus and various elemental effects Enhance elemental effects

Feet Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
Mermaid's Tail Breathe water and air, gain a swim speed Teleport within liquids
The Skirmisher Move yourself and enemies when you attack Shove enemies on hit
The Stormbringer Gain bonuses from attacking from a charge or from attacking after a jump Create energy burst on jump or fall
The Wind Drawing a weapon creates a whirlwind for attacking Sheathe weapon as a free action, step towards attacked enemy

Hands Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
Jack's Lantern Summon a jack-o-lantern that acts as a light hammer Creatures illuminated by your lantern are protected by a hide from undead spell
The Brawler Make free disarms, dirty tricks, or trips and empower them Enhance combat maneuvers
The Jovial Gain Improved Feint, feint as part of moving Gain Greater Feint, feint more easily against non-humanoid creatures
The Necromancer Place doom marks on foes. Gain temporary hit points as foes take extra damage Doom mark foes from close range
The Nightmare Curse enemies and cause them to become anchored to the spot Isolate target from allies
The Transmuter Turn the ground into grease or the air into difficult terrain Alter the air and the ground at the same time

Head Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
The Enchanter Prevent foes from attacking you Attack foes without allowing them to attack back
The Luchadore Gain Improved Grapple, grapple with fewer limbs, grapple at the end of a charge Gain Greater Grapple and several special grapple finishing moves
The Memory Your attacks cause distortions that explode one round later Slow victims
The Quickening Gain DR/-, blindsense, and increased move speed Become immortal, gain positive levels when slaying creatures Grant this veil to foes that slay you
The Resolute Gain psionic benefits, expend psionic focus to re-roll some dice rolls Recover psionic focus on dropping a foe
The Watcher Curse enemies, and cause them to take penalties when attacking your allies Gain temporary hit points by damaging cursed opponents

Headband Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
The Benevolent Gain bonuses when fighting evil Share protections with allies, wield holy weapons & shed daylight
The Diviner Gain motes that can be used for +20 to AC or attack rolls Expend motes on other creatures in close range
The Fallen Inhibit enemies with black feathers Unleash cone of feathers, wield unholy weapons
The First Gain bonuses to initiative and saves vs charm and compulsion, use command as an SLA The command SLA affects multiple creatures, the saving throw bonus applies to slowing effects
The Demiurge Gain the effect of a Title veil you currently have shaped Gain the binding of chosen Title

Neck Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
The Abjurer Forbid approach or escape from an area Forbid approach and escape from medium range. Creatures who disobey take damage.
The Gravekeeper Drain life from enemies you hit Heal upon dropping an enemy or as a move action
The Sparker Gain Combat Stamina, augment maneuvers, increase sparking range by 1 Heal from electricity damage, increase sparking range by 1
The Wild Gain physical attributes when attacking with unarmed or natural attacks Increase weapon size when enhanced
Vampire's Blessing Gain a bite natural attack that grants temporary hit points when used on living creatures Temporarily transform into a vampire

Shoulders Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
The Conjurer Conjure an elemental spirit to disrupt foes Change spirit's element and move it as a swift action
The Exploiter Trick creatures, lower their AC and saving throws Gain Dirty Trick Master, treat allies as though they were maintaining a Roaring Mouse stance
The Illusionist Hide in plain sight Attack without breaking stealth and hide in plain sight as a move action
The Mighty Enter bull rush- & sunder-enhancing rage Steer & damage foes by bull rushing into things
The Warlord Gain a flag made of akasha, grant bonuses to nearby allies Place protective sigil that grants AC & temporary hit points
The Wave Gain a swim speed, increase movement when charging, running, or withdrawing Make melee attacks at range, count as an aquatic creature for call of the deep effects
Werewolf's Pelt Gain a bonus to Perception and DR/silver or good Transform into a wolf as per beast shape I

Wrists Slot Veils

Name Description Bind Effect
The Evoker Launch unavoidable shards of force Shards of force explode in an area
Jack's Lantern Summon a jack-o-lantern that acts as a light hammer Gain Hands bind, confirming a critical hit places a doom mark, marked creatures who die are turned into soul gems
The Protector Move to intercept incoming attack Ease interception, gain temporary AC & save bonuses
The Sniper Ricochet attacks, redirect on a miss Improve weapons critical damage & threat range
The Specialist Gain phantom ammunition with unique effects Create flurry of damaging territories