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A century-long war between ratfolk and catfolk came to an end when the assassin sent to kill the ratfolk king spared his life and befriended him instead. In the era of peace that followed, the two races worked together to create a fighting style that combined the trickery of the catfolk with the swarming strength of the ratfolk. Thus was born the Roaring Mouse, a discipline with a unique focus on teamwork.

Associated Skill: Escape Artist

Associated Weapons: Close, flails, light blades, hammers, and natural

Martial Tradition: Merry Pranksters

Title Veil: The Exploiter

Style Feats:

Combo Feats:

Special Rules

The Roaring Mouse discipline has several special rules regarding its access and use.

Accessing the Discipline

The thesis of Roaring Mouse is one of camaraderie, friendship, and teamwork, and as such it is simple to learn. Any character of any class can access the Roaring Mouse discipline by trading one of their available disciplines for it. If they do, they gain Escape Artist as a class skill. Any companion creature that can learn maneuvers (such as an ambush hunter’s martial companion, or an eidolon with the Martial Training feat) has access to the Roaring Mouse discipline for free, regardless of any other restrictions on their maneuvers.

Combat Maneuvers

Some Roaring Mouse maneuvers allow you to perform hindering combat maneuvers, such as dirty trick, disarm, and steal. Unless otherwise stated, these combat maneuvers do not provoke attacks of opportunity. If you have abilities that augment these maneuvers, such as the Greater Steal feat, you may apply those effects to these maneuvers.

New Condition: Tricked

Many Roaring Mouse maneuvers impart a new condition called “tricked”. A tricked creature is slightly off-balance, whether in mind or body, and is easy prey. Once tricked, the creature can be exploited, as marked by the “Exploit” section of the maneuver’s description. Exploits allow you to remove the tricked condition from a creature in exchange for added effects. Unless otherwise stated, you may only perform an exploit if the maneuver was successful. A creature is not tricked until the maneuver used against them is complete, meaning that you cannot exploit a creature with the same use of the maneuver that tricked them. Likewise, you cannot trick a creature with the same action that exploited them. Spells augmented by the Trick Spell feat also apply the tricked condition for a duration equal to the spell’s duration. Removing the tricked condition for an exploit does not dispel a trick spell currently affecting them. Multiple applications of the tricked condition do not overlap; instead the duration of each new application of the condition is added to the remaining duration of the previous application. If an exploit states that the creature becomes immune to it for a certain amount of time, it is immune to any application of that exploit, regardless of the source.

1st Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Crouching Lion Stance [trick] Increase the duration of your Roaring Mouse maneuvers, trick struck foes.
Give Me a Hand Boost Flank regardless of position, gain additional bonuses for Roaring Mouse allies.
Over and Under Strike Deal 1d6 additional damage or knock a foe prone.
Rat Pack Stance Grant all allies within 30 feet a Teamwork feat.
Squeak By Counter Make an Escape Artist check to negate an attack, move yourself or a foe 5 feet.
Tricksy Strike Strike [trick] Trick a struck foe.

2nd Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Distraction Strike Strike [trick] Deal 1d6 additional damage, trick your foe, allow an ally to attack.
Nimble Mouse Boost Next attack against a tricked creature targets Touch AC.
Rat Takes the Cheese Boost Disarm or steal from foe using Escape Artist.
Rat Trap Counter [trick] Escape Artist to halve damage, trick foe, move either self or foe.
Toe-Stepping Strike Strike [trick] Trick foe, they’re flat-footed against your next attack.

3rd Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Cat Takes the Rat Boost Next attack against target deal three times their rounds of tricked.
Pussyfoot Stance Stance [trick] Share ally spaces, gain concealment, trick struck foes, gain additional bonus for Roaring Mouse allies.
Two for One Strike Make two attacks.
Underhanded Strike Strike [trick] Trick struck foe, Escape Artist to dirty trick or knock prone.

4th Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
All According to Plan Boost Several allies all make an attack against nearby tricked foes.
Cornered Rat Counter [trick] Escape Artist to deal damage to surrounding enemies, trick struck foes, then dirty trick, disarm, steal, or knock prone.
Just Go With It Boost Grant multiple allies two Teamwork feats, bonus for Roaring Mouse allies.
Rat Race Strike [trick] Trick struck foe, Escape Artist to move up to speed and daze foe.

5th Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Chew Through Strike [trick] Trick struck foes, Reflex save to lower their AC.
Rat in a Cage Strike Deal 4d6 additional damage, Escape Artist to entangle and root foe.
Rat Takes the Cat Counter Allow allies to use any saving throw they wish.
Swarming Stance Stance Share space with foes, they count as squeezing, flanked, and have your Betrayal feats. Bonus for Roaring Mouse foes.

6th Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Bell the Cat Strike [trick] Deal 5d6 additional damage, Escape Artist to trick and blind or deafen struck foes.
Clever Cat Stance Stance Grant allies defensive abilities or impose defensive penalties on tricked foes.
Dormouse Strike Strike Deal 5d6 additional damage, foe must save or fall asleep.
Scatter Boost Allies move up to their speed. Roaring Mouse allies may attack tricked foes.

7th Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Magnificent Bastard Counter Rebound an attack or spell upon a tricked foe.
Sick Trick Strike [trick] Deal 6d6 additional damage, trick struck foes, foe must save or be nauseated.
Undermine Boost Escape Artist to suppress a foe’s defensive abilities.

8th Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Stance of the Elder Rat Stance All allies gain your Teamwork feats and all foes gain your Betrayal feats. Roaring Mouse allies also gain this stance.
The Old Switcheroo Counter Tricked foe must save or swap places with an ally, taking an attack for them.
The World’s Greatest Trick Strike [trick] Deal 7d6 additional damage, trick struck foe, Escape Artist to subject them to every dirty trick condition and force them to attack a creature of your choice.

9th Level Roaring Mouse Maneuvers

Name Type Description
Herding Cats Untyped All allies gain a full round of actions.