Library of Metzofitz Wiki

Alignment: Any Nonlawful

Symbol: A gray doe whose entire body is covered in vicious lacerations

Discipline: Leaden Hyena

Oath: Forsaken Does vow to leave behind the painful and pointless conflicts which have up until now defined them and pledge to fight for no nation or force save the ultimate end of all wars. Taking their weapon, a forsaken doe is initiated as they destroy every remnant of their lives on the battlefield, from heraldry to pictures to keepsakes given to them by their fellow soldiers. As the last emblems are obliterated, the forsaken doe offers this oath.

From this day forward, there will be no cause or banner which will command my wrath, no ambition which demands blood is worthy of support. Rather, let me be the bane of every crusader, every tyrant who seeks to use violence to fulfill their goals. Whenever zealotry emerges, I will be there to humble its participants, to remind them how futile their cause is, and to make sure their destructive ways are put to an end.

Allegiance Benefit: A Forsaken Doe gains a +2 bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting and divination effects. In addition, the DC of diplomacy checks to influence a Forsaken Doe is increased by 2. A Forsaken Doe who breaks their oath by swearing allegiance to a cause loses all of these bonuses. However, renunciation of the cause alongside a painful trial to prove one’s disloyalty can enable a character to re-enter the Forsaken Does.

Description: War turns even the most noble men and women into monsters, reduces the greatest ideals to ash as violence and brutality overtake everything. On the battlefield, there is no negotiation, no high-mind exchange beyond that of body and weapon. The Forsaken Does are soldiers who have witnessed the worst atrocities that war has to offer, and in their wake have renounced their causes and destroyed their banners. As cruel or benevolent as these fallen soldiers may be, they all share a common belief: that no war is justified and that all soldiers must either be deterred or killed. Since beings of conflict cannot be reasoned with, the Forsaken Does have made it their mission to utterly destroy all those who would foment great conflict, offering no mercy or respite to any who raise steel.

Members of the Forsaken Does give no orders and demand no fealty, for these are the things that many of them most despise, the things they blame for the seizure of their very humanity. Rather, they are individuals with a specific set of values, willing to provide relief to those who seek to escape the horrors of war and equally determined to exterminate those who would further such violence. The vast majority of Does are men and women who were once soldiers but fled their forces after witnessing horrible acts, although there are plenty of war orphans and refugees who study under the more experienced Does to take revenge on those who deprived them.

The Does are known to keep comprehensive track of their dead, and the logbooks of this organization go back centuries to the very first troops who abandoned their posts and rebelled against their abusive commanders. When a Forsaken Doe is killed trying to stop a conflict or save those enraptured by it, the funeral services offered are powerful and heartfelt. It is said that a Doe funeral is never entirely forgotten for the emotion and honor displayed in putting a weary soul to rest.

Almost every nation knows and fears the gray, unadorned armor of the Forsaken Does, and demands for the morale of their country and for the maintenance of their military efforts that any known members of the Forsaken Does be killed on sight. To the common people, however, the Forsaken Does are seen as anything from heroes to simply lost souls, striking back against the organized violence which has taken so much from them. In some areas ravaged by war, it may be more likely for a militant farmgirl to seek tutelage under a Doe rather than enlisting in the local military.

Common Tasks: A Forsaken Doe is not obligated to take orders, for so many of them are weary of such tyranny. Rather, they are given philosophical charges to go out into the world and spread the ideas of the Does through word and blade alike. If they see warfare, either in the words of warhawk politicians or the marching of soldiers on the streets, a Doe is often obligated to restrict or end the ability of the conflict to harm others (either by killing the responsible individuals or diminishing their public perceptions to the point where they are no longer obeyed). Forsaken Does also provide services to ex-soldiers, which include providing for them, protecting them from those who may search for them, and if the time comes burying them.

Available Services: Forsaken Does command a vast array of historical records and weapons from all across the world, and if they see value in a person’s individual actions may provide them with access to these tools. Furthermore, Forsaken Does will often intervene in major conflicts in the name of stopping the fighting, and their composure of ex-soldiers means that there are plenty of formidable fighters in their ranks. Finally, the Forsaken Does may provide tutelage, care, and funerary services to those who desire them.