Library of Metzofitz Wiki

Descriptors: none

Class: Daevic, Promethean

Slot: Belt

Saving Throw: none

A reptilian tail formed of sapphire scales surrounds your lower torso and legs, giving you the appearance of a draconic merfolk.

When this veil is formed the wearer’s lower body is sheathed in a thick magical tail, granting them a tail slap attack that deals 1d6 damage for a medium creature (1d4 for small). This is a secondary natural attack.

Essence: Investing essence into this veil grants you a swim speed equal to 5 x the number of points of essence invested.

Chakra Bind (Belt): [D13, P16] When the wearer binds this veil to their Belt chakra, they gain a special attack that increases their aquatic superiority. As a full round action the wearer can make a single tail slap attack against all creatures in a 5 ft. radius. The wearer can make a free trip attempt against any creature he successfully hits with this attack. If this attack is made while underwater, make the trip attempt as normal; creatures struck by this attack are sent spinning wildly out of control and are treated as though prone until they spend a standard action to right themselves. The radius of this effect increases by 5 feet for each point of essence invested.